Special Needs Estate Planning: An Everchanging Area of the Law

Special Needs Estate Planning is an ever-changing area of the law. 

The rules applicable to special needs trusts and planning are constantly changing.  For example, the Affordable Care Act now makes private health insurance an option for people with special needs. However, private insurance will still not cover the costs of long-term care and other services or equipment necessary for a loved one with special needs.  Thus, even if the family chooses private insurance, the special needs beneficiary may still require Medicaid eligibility, necessitating a special needs trust. Please contact  Desiree, Caslin & Cecil's Paralegal for Special Needs, (270) 684-8400, if you have questions about these options.

Planning for a special needs beneficiary requires particular care and knowledge on the part of the planning team.  A properly drafted and funded special needs trust can ensure that a special needs beneficiary has sufficient assets to care for him or her, in a manner intended by loved ones, throughout the beneficiary's lifetime.  Please contact Caslin & Cecil's Special Needs Section, (270) 684-8400, if you have any questions regarding planning for special needs beneficiaries.