Insurance Disputes and Claim Denials

Insurance Disputes and Claim Denials

Have Caslin & Cecil On Your Side

Have you recently been told that Medicare will not pay for assistance in the home, assisted living, or nursing home care? Allow Caslin & Cecil to walk you thru your options including government benefit programs such as Veterans Pension & Medicaid.

Did your long-term care insurance deny your father or mother coverage after years of premiums?

Has your grandmother been denied Medicaid coverage because she is over resourced?

Did your health insurance provider deny needed treatment for a health condition? This is the insurance company you counted on in case of illness and injury and now you are faced with paying out-of-pocket for medical expenses you thought should be covered by your policy.

Did you lose your home in a fire or a storm? Is your insurance company upholding their obligation under your insurance policy? The attorneys at Caslin & Cecil are trained to hold insurance companies to their obligations under the policies you paid for.

Did your auto insurance provider refuse to pay medical claims for injuries suffered in a traffic accident? You paid for the insurance, but when you needed it, you were denied the coverage you thought you rightfully had. A recent study has shown that many bankruptcies are filed because of this situation. You have insurance, but your treatment is not covered. You need an experienced insurance coverage lawyer on your side to ensure that you are getting the protection for which you have been paying.

Did your insurance refuse to pay death benefits or disability payments? The attorneys at Caslin & Cecil Law Offices can help you.