Need a new plan or an updated plan to prevent you from losing your home, farm, small business, and savings in the event you have a serious accident, need significant long term care or assisted living or unexpected credit issues. Have you sought Long Term Care (LTC) insurance and been denied? Have LTC insurance premiums become unaffordable? Need advice on how your assets should be managed in the event of your disability? Want to plan how your assets should be handled upon your death? The list goes on.

"Elder Law" is generally referring to our clientele: aging adults or persons with disabilities who are or could be facing health care issues in the future This includes aging veterans and young clientele with special needs- You do not have to be elderly to use our services. Caslin & Cecil's Elder Law Attorneys recognize that as our clients grow older, they need attention to health care and financial matters. Elder Law Attorneys make sure you have a plan in place to meet those changing needs.

Elder Law

If you've been injured or hurt at your workplace, contact Caslin & Cecil to make sure you are handling your incident correctly. We will identify the responsible parties and work with any insurance carriers.

If your family is facing a medical crisis from disease or injury and a love one is needing assistance at home, assisted living, or nursing home contact Caslin & Cecil to know your legal rights.

If you are approaching retirement call about Caslin & Cecil's Life & Legacy Plan.

Personal Injury Law

Are you dealing with a denial or partial payment of your worker's compensation? Don't let insurance company pressure you or your doctor. Let Caslin & Cecil review your workers' comp case today.

Workers' Compensation Law

Are you fighting the insurance company with a disability claim denials or have questions about your Social Security claim? Have Caslin & Cecil fight to get you the money you deserve.

Disability & Social Security Law

Are you in need of assistance when it comes to planning for the future of a family member or loved one with special needs? Caslin & Cecil understand the pitfalls associated with special needs planning and can help you no matter how complicated your situation may be. Don't let misconceptions or mistakes cost you and your family. Click to learn how we can assist you with your special needs planning, today.

Special Needs Law

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If you have concerns about elder law, personal injury claims, worker's compensation. disability or Veteran's or Social Security claims you're pursuing, the professionals at the practice of Caslin & Cecil Attorneys At Law will help you handle your case. Our firm also handles specialized Elder Law: Asset Protection & Estate planning work This also includes applications for various government disability claims. We serve clients in Owensboro, Henderson, and all of Daviess County, KY. Our firm has been representing clients seeking justice in their cases for over 23 years. We take pride in protecting Kentucky's people for negotiation or court appearances.

We're home to two great attorneys who have a proven record of success. Dan opened the practice in 1993, and Michele joined in 2002. Dan has been involved in the legal profession since 1987, and Michele earned her law degree in 1992.

Elder Law Attorneys Ready to Assist You and Your Family

When you or your loved one need assistance with legal matters associated with the aging process, we're ready to lend an experienced hand. It can be difficult to make sense of issues pertaining to health care, long term care planning, guardianship, etc. and it can be overwhleming if you have to navigate the process alone. Turn to the law firm of Caslin & Cecil to make sure you and your loved ones are prepared for the future.

We're able to assist in a wide variety of areas related to elder law, including, but not limited to:

Call today to set up your free initial consultation to discuss what's best for you and your family.

Experienced Lawyers Ready To Fight For You

We offer counsel that's aimed at the specific needs of individuals who've been seriously hurt in accidents. Our firm takes on a wide range of personal injury suits, including everything from slip and fall incidents to claim of malpractice by medical professionals. We'll fight to get the money you deserve.

We're also available to assist you with pursuing a disability or Social Security claim. Whether your claim was denied or you feel you received a lower amount than you deserve, we can represent your interests. We'll see that your claim gets the real consideration it demands.

Caslin & Cecil Attorneys At Law are committed to getting virtuous results for every client. Our firm proudly gets more than half of its clients through referrals. Contact our law office today, and we'll provide you with a free initial consultation. We serve clients in Henderson, Hancock, Ohio, Owensboro, and the rest of Daviess County.

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