Client Testimonials

Caslin & Cecil Attorneys at Law

I came to Caslin & Cecil two days before my statute of limitations ran in a medical negligence case. They moved quickly to obtain ample information to file a lawsuit and to protect my claim. Within hours, I was given detailed information about what my medical records verified. They had my case reviewed by medical professionals and began the litigation of a difficult case involving the infiltration of an I.V. that went undetected and caused permanent nerve damage to my right arm. Before speaking with this office, another attorney advised he could not assist me. I am thankful that I found Caslin & Cecil because through their hard work I was compensated fully (more than 20 times my medical bills) for the injuries I suffered. Even after the case settled my attorneys continued to work with Medicare and another Health Insurance Carrier to handle the reimbursement for medical bills. Now, I can prepare for my future and can make some modifications around my house to adapt to my injury.

R. Rogier - Grandview, Indiana

Caslin & Cecil are great! I had settled my workers comp injury on my own. I believed the insurance adjuster. I would not recommend that anyone try to settle on their own. One day at work my pelvis, hip and low back was crushed by truck and I was never able to work again. Caslin & Cecil re-opened my workers comp and my social security. They are not finished yet but already I'm getting $300 more per month in benefits.

G. Biggers

I had never been injured at work before so I did not know anything about workers compensation. However, Caslin & Cecil guided me through the process. The WC carrier refused to settle but Caslin & Cecil prepared me for every step. The WC insurance did not want to pay for many of my medical benefits. I paid out of pocket but Caslin & Cecil got it back for me. They made sure that I got the most wc and social security benefits that I could get.

C. Ellezy

My wife and I were involved in a very serious car wreck in which she suffered a sinus injury due to an airbag deployment and I suffered a compression fracture in my neck. The facts of our case were complicated and complex. The attorneys at Caslin & Cecil, worked as a team and obtained a final result which frankly seemed unobtainable to us. Even though this case did not have to proceed to trial, I know the case was ready for trial and I had all the confidence in the world in my lawyer. The attorneys & staff made me feel at home and comfortable in his office and he explained all the steps we were taking in the case.

G. Devine - Utica, Kentucky